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Are you searching for the best Sharjah taxi app? As Sharjah is an expensive city, it may be challenging to figure out which cab app is right for you. You needn’t worry at all. Here are a few top picks that might help you choose the best Sharjah taxi app.

Statista estimates that ride-hailing and taxis will generate US$0.84 billion in revenue by 2023. Moreover, revenue is forecast to increase at a 3.93% annual rate by 2027, reaching $0.98 billion.

In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, taxis are among the most convenient ways to get around the city. The availability of ride-hailing applications is widespread.

Our list of the top Sharjah taxi apps has been compiled for your convenience.

List of Best Sharjah Taxi App 2024 – Updated List

The following are the top players that offer robust taxi services in Sharjah, UAE, according to the Mobile Application Development Company in UAE:


The best public transport app in Dubai and beyond is Careem Dubai , which has long been established as the first choice for car booking apps in the Middle East and North Africa. With options to choose a car based on preferences and affordability, it is hassle-free and extremely personalized. As well as scheduling your ride, you have the option to “ride now” or “schedule a ride for later.” 

After customizing your ride, you can tap “Yallah! ” in order to complete the booking. As part of the booking confirmation notification, you will receive details regarding the designated Captain, the car, the estimated arrival time, and the route to the destination. 

With real-time location sharing, Careem is among the best public transport apps in Sharjah, UAE. 

#2. Lyft

Can you name a popular taxi app that competes with Uber? Lyft is a ride-sharing service based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The company operates in more than 640 cities across the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Canada.

#3. Hala Taxi

Getting to work, the airport, or visiting friends in the UAE is safe and affordable with Hala Taxi. Congestion and parking problems can also be solved by it.

Using Hala Taxi, passengers can get upfront estimates of fares and driver details to enhance their trust. Additionally, the app supports a variety of payment methods, including cashless transactions.

Furthermore, you should hire taxi app developers who can add advanced features to your taxi apps.

Additionally, rigorous background checks and comprehensive training encourage drivers to be accountable. If you’re looking for reliable and stress-free transportation, Hala Taxi is the answer.

#4. Yango

Despite not being new to Sharjah, Yango has been around for a while. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, it is the latest addition to the luxury Sharjah car service.

Among Yango’s features are the ability to book multiple cars from one device, and the ability to search alternative pickup points to get to their destination more quickly and for less money. The cars offered by Yango are similar to those offered by other ride-hailing apps, like Lexus ES.

It would be advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced Android app development company if you want to create an app like Yango only for the Android platform.

#5. DTC Smart App

With the DTC Smart App, commuters can enhance their commute experience with Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC).  There are many features of this app, including real-time tracking of buses, route planning, and ticketing.

DTC bus locations can be tracked on a map with the app. Predicting arrival times accurately and planning efficiently are made possible through this method. Using this app, passengers can find out the routes, schedules, and fares of buses.

Users can book their cabs and contact commuters easily using the taxi booking app, saving time, eliminating hassles, and making their trips across the city more enjoyable.

#6. Uber Sharjah

The Uber UAE taxi booking service has a high rating in Sharjah.  It is active and reliable, with a high rating from its customers. Through the app, users can enter their addresses and the algorithm will determine where a taxi can be found.

Uber’s taxi services can vary widely in price. The Uber service is available not only in Sharjah, but in over a thousand other cities worldwide.

It is possible to access this service even when you are far from home.  You can call for a taxi. It is for this reason that it has more than 500+ million downloads, and supports over 25 languages.

#7.  Arabia Taxi LLC

Booking taxis in the Arabian Peninsula is easy and convenient with the Arabia Taxi LLC app for mobile. Customers can request rides easily, track drivers in real time, and get fare estimates before booking using the app’s intuitive navigation and sleek interface.

A reliable and easy-to-use travel companion, Arabia Taxi LLC is a must-have for anyone traveling in the Middle East.

As well as specifying preferences, such as the vehicle type and payment method, the user can also customize their experience. Driver identification and sharing trip details with family members enhance security.

A taxi booking app can also be built by hiring a mobile app developer from a top app development company.

#8. Cabify

The Cabify app lets users book a private vehicle with a driver and travel safely and comfortably. Riders will be able to go anywhere they want within moments of receiving a driver and car.

At the same time, safety is maintained at the highest level. This taxi company has a total funding of $477M, which allows it to constantly improve its services.

Lite, Easy Taxi, and Executive are the vehicle types you can choose. Take a ride through the city and discover all the options available.

#9. Gett

Founded in 2010, Getti is the most popular app for booking taxis. The company has received funding totaling $929 million. For a profitable business, this top taxi app specializes in corporate ground transportation.

This on-demand app aUsers can choose from a variety of on-demand services, including ride-hailing, taxis and chauffeur-driven Unlike other taxi apps, Gett provides a personalized experience.

Riders will be able to access a reliable, easy-to-use, and seamless ground transportation service through this Uber-like app. Besides scheduling a later ride, riders can also write reviews and ratings.


Market growth for ride-sharing will continue to be rapid in the future. Hope this list of best Sharjah taxi apps list gives you crystal clear idea about It is also impossible to ignore competition. A custom booking app development company can help you grow your business and develop taxi booking apps. Developers at their company are familiar with the latest technologies, which include AI, VR, AR, IoT, etc. Getting a cutting-edge, innovative, and robust app is easy.