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PHOTOS: 4th annual swimwear day and rail jam at Arapahoe Basin

The Dever Post (Fitness) 5/13 5:57A Daniel Brenner, The Know
Boarders and skiers participate in the 4th annual swimwear day and rail jam at Arapahoe Basin on May 11. Although ski season is coming to a close, a few mountains are still open to shredding. Check out the photos on The Know Outdoors .

Camping with kids: The right gear can make everything easier

The Dever Post (Fitness) 5/10 6:39A Kim Cook, The Associated Press,
For some parents, it can be plenty challenging just to take young children on a trip to the mall. Then there are those who take their tiny hikers into the wilderness. The outdoor gear industry is ready to help with a wide range of easily packed...

Scrap “Obamacare”? Maybe not all, says Trump administration

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 5/9 6:49P Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Ass
WASHINGTON Scrap Obamacare ? Well, maybe not all of it. The Trump administration is arguing in court that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down as unconstitutional. But at the same time, Justice Department lawyers recently...

PHOTOS: Summer Stargazing in Colorado

The Dever Post (Fitness) 5/6 2:00A The Know
Although stars are visible year-round throughout Colorado, is there a better time to view them than in the summer? The state is home to five International Dark Sky Places, with Dinosaur National Monument having joined the ranks in April . Such a...

Locals experiencing mixed emotions about new Hanging Lake shuttle

The Dever Post (Fitness) 5/2 10:32A The Post Independent, The Know
By Thomas Phippen ,  Post Independent Gone are the days when we could exit Interstate 70 and hike Hanging Lake on a whim. Wednesday marks the start of the new Hanging Lake shuttle and reservation system designed to protect the environment and...

PHOTOS: Colorado’s best outdoor photography in April 2019

The Dever Post (Fitness) 5/2 10:32A The Know
Spring arrived in Colorado this April, bringing with it a mix of snow and sun. As such, Coloradans were busying themselves with a mix of snowboarding , skiing, running , hiking and biking . Whether you were heading to Red Rocks for a workout...

Surprise: Vaccination bill getting Colorado Senate hearing today

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 5/1 7:56A Anna Staver, Cindi Andrews
The Senate finance committee made a last-minute addition to its agenda late Wednesday morning: a same-day hearing on a controversial vaccination bill that has drawn strong support from Colorado health officials but criticism from some parents and...

Smoking, depression apps sell your data to Google and Facebook, study finds

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 4/29 2:00A Rachel Siegel
The pitch: Health apps for users who are battling depression or want to quit smoking. The problem: Many of the apps designed to track a user’s progress are sharing the personal details they collect with third parties, such as Google and Facebook,...

Stick to the basics when prepping your bike for summer, experts say

The Dever Post (Fitness) 4/27 4:00A Joshua Berman, The Know
Winter dust, cottonwood debris and dead leaves flew away in the spring breeze as I worked over my bike with a brush. Of course, the first step of prepping your bike for the season is just to pull it out into the sunshine for a dusting and...

How to become a birder in Colorado

The Dever Post (Fitness) 4/25 6:16A Sarah Kuta, The Know
A volunteer searches for birds at the 2018 Wyoming BioBlitz (a community science event) at Tensleep Preserve, Wyoming. (Provided by the National Audubon Society) Between her job as a victim s advocate and school work for her doctorate degree,...

Colorado lawmakers OK bill to develop public health insurance option

The Denver Post (Healthcare) 4/23 9:34A The Associated Press
Colorado s House has sent to the governor a bill to develop a public health insurance option. The bill directs state agencies to recommend a plan to compete with private insurance plans and those offered on Colorado s health care exchange. The...
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